LC COLLECTION – is a fitness clothing brand inspired by all the powerful women and different body types that describe our unique beauty and by wearing LCC we all can feel beautiful and comfortable while working out.

I am Laura Cabrera, The founder and creator of LC Collection. I am a Health Coach Certified in Nutrition (NASM) . I am a highly motivate woman who’s passion is to help people to become the best version of themselves. My passion for fitness is my way of life and the experience, knowledge and training has given me the opportunity to help others around the world.

I am beyond grateful because I have received so much support and love from all of you along the way .This has allowed me to accomplish my greatest goal yet .”The LC COLLECTION “ I put my heart, time and a lots of effort to make the best possible work out collections. I do believe wearing beautiful, comfortable fitness clothes give us all more confidence to workout harder while still looking amazing and this is all possible and can happen with LC COLLECTION.

I can’t wait to see you all looking good and feeling good wearing LC COLLECTION!



Reviews about my work

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